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doctor david carter

Dr. David Carter, Orthodontist

Yes, I'm an orthodontist and I have been practicing for over 30 years, however I am also a Dad. I have experienced first-hand both sides of this story.
As a practicing orthodontist I understand and highly recommend that all my patients who finish orthodontic treatment must wear their retainer for the first 6 weeks full time and then every night. This is a life-long commitment and will ensure that your final beautiful smile will stay straight forever.
However as I mentioned before, I am also a Dad and I got to experience firsthand how my kids lost their retainer over and over again. It never ceased to amaze me the many ways they could damage it, or it simply disappeared. I also heard this story from many parents who called me distraught, only to find out how expensive it was to replace.
I knew I needed to change this in my practice, I just couldn't listen to one more parent say, "why so much for a piece of plastic". From this I created Forever Retainers, designed to offer my patients easy online ordering for their lost and damaged retainers, delivered directly to their doorstep, for a price they could afford.
Now I am offering this new way of ordering replacement retainers to everyone.
It is my pleasure to welcome you to Forever Retainers.
I recommend that my patients change their retainers every three months.
As with any appliance worn in the mouth for a long period of time, they
can get pretty gross and eventually crack.
- Dr. David Carter, Orthodontist -

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