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Forever Aligned Club is currently expanding our network of providers. We work directly with your dentist to make sure you are receiving the best care. We will contact your dentist to get them signed up! click here

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How does our club work? It’s simple.

1. Join the Club

$99 membership fee gives you full access to all our high quality Orthodontic Aftercare Products for 5 full years!

2. Get A Scan

A 3D scan/photo will be taken of your teeth. This file will be stored in our system and will allow us to make all your after ortho products specifically for you.

3. Order anytime

As a club member you now have full access to ALL our after ortho products, anytime you need them.

High quality retainers and aligners directly from your Providers Prescription

Delivered directly to your doorstep

All at a price you can afford

5-alignersNow you can order the same high quality retainers and aligners you get from your orthodontist, delivered to your doorstep for a price you CAN afford. This new way of ordering low cost retainers and aligners was invented by Orthodontist Dr. David Carter. His idea was to provide patients with high quality retainers and aligners, easily ordered online and delivered directly to their doorstep, ALL at a price we can afford and recommended by our doctor. Dr. supervised, affordable, fast, no braces.

Now there’s a simple and affordable solution to get you back in your retainer.

Here’s the Deal

A membership in FAC allows you access to great deals on all the dental products you will need to help keep your teeth straight.

Your membership to FAC is good for 5 full years!

All we do is make retainers! We have our process down to save you money.

All our retainers are made right here in the USA! And are Orthodontist approved.

Once you are a member you will have immediate access to all our products.

OrthoVibe is a simple and affordable solution to help get you back into your retainer. It works with your phone and our app. Our goal is to get you back in your retainer with ease.

100% Risk Free

Doctor recommended and supervised

We stand behind the quality and fit of all our retainers, we guarantee a full refund if you're unhappy with the fit or quality of our retainers.... its our pledge to you