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Affiliates Program


What is FAC?
FAC (Forever Aligned Club) is an orthodontic membership that provides your patients with an affordable way to straighten their teeth and keep them straight forever.

How will becoming a Forever Aligned Club Affiliate benefit you?
Each FAC consultant receives a bonus of 20% revenue off the first order placed. You have a potential earning of up to $20 per member.

Can anyone become a Consultant?
You must be a dental healthcare professional to become a consultant. This includes dentists, hygienists, dental auxiliaries, lab techs, office managers, and treatment coordinators. Consultants must be Certified by The American Aligner Society and will be Independent Contractors for Clear Ortho Solutions.

How do you become a Clear Ortho Solutions Consultant for FAC?
Have a passion for making money!! Get certified as an independent consultant, for free, through FAC Academy. You will then receive a personal QR code so you can start selling!!

How easy is it to sell a membership & product?
It is very simple!! You tell the patient or consumer about the FAC products, guide them to the website and the patient does the rest. If there isn’t a provider in their area, you can help them find one once they join.

How will the members benefit?
Their FAC membership will give them full access to order clear aligners, retainers, bleaching gel, custom bleaching trays, mouth guards, and snoring devices as many times as needed – all at a discounted price. (More products will be added in the future). For reference, a regular retainer from a dentist or Orthodontist starts at $249, Aligners range between $2000 to $5000 and whitening gel and trays start at $500 in a regular office. By joining FAC, they can have all of this at 1/3 the cost for up to 5 years.

Why would a dentist want to be a Provider?
Once the patient signs up to be a member, dental scans or impressions are taken of their teeth and stored in our database for 1 or 3 years. For every scan, impression, or set of dental models that the dentist submits, our patent-pending platform pays you. Just like Amazon, every time their patients place an order online, the dentist profits by getting a % of each product ordered.

How much does it cost the doctor to become a provider?
$0!! It is free to become a provider. However, a product sales quota will be required to be an exclusive provider for their area.

Refer a Provider or Refer a friend to join our team?

Are there any extra appointments needed for the patient? Forever Aligned Club Labs will ship directly to the patients on the doctor’s behalf. No extra appointments are needed for retainer or whitening tray orders after the initial scan or impression is done. However, a new scan or set of impressions will be needed each time a patient orders a new set of aligners.