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Make a Copy. Continue Treatment. Get a Perfect Fit for Less.

Say goodbye to expensive replacements. Say hello to perfect copies and new treatments.

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Here’s how to get started:


Purchase your Forever Aligned Club Membership. Membership ($29 for 1 Year or $99 for 3 Years) gives you full access to all our high quality Orthodontic Aftercare Products for 1-3 full years! Then, place your order, for retainers or aligners.

FAC box

We will send you one of our AWESOME Forever Aligned Club shipping boxes.


Once you receive your FAC box, place the item inside the enclosed bubble wrap: Clear Aligners or Clear Retainers or Dental Model(casts) or ask your doctor for a dental impression. Then, return the item, in the prepaid box.

FAC box

After your item is scanned, you’ll be notified. Your original item and your order will be shipped back to you pronto.

Your dental device, your way: get a copy and explore new treatments. If you are not happy with your current aligners treatment results, send us you last aligner and we can create a new treatment for you. 5 Clear Aligners cost $249. Affordable dental devices, made easy and fast.

We Scan/Copy: Clear Aligners, Clear Retainers, Dental Model (casts) or Dental Impression.

Replace your device without breaking the bank.

Here are the 4 advantages:

1. Cost savings: Getting a new aligner or retainer from your doctor can be expensive. In some cases, the cost can be several hundred dollars or more. But at Forever Aligned Club, we can create a copy of your existing device at a fraction of the cost. This can be a great option if you’re on a tight budget or if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new device.

2. Convenience: Getting a new aligner or retainer from your doctor can also be time-consuming. You may need to schedule an appointment, take time off work, and wait for your device to be made. But at Forever Aligned Club, our process is simple and hassle-free. All you need to do is send us your old device, and we’ll take care of the rest. This can be a great option if you’re looking for a more convenient way to replace your device.

3. Accuracy: When you get a new aligner or retainer from your doctor, there may be some adjustments that need to be made to ensure a perfect fit. But when you get a copy of your existing device, you can be confident that it will fit just as well as the original. At Forever Aligned Club, we use high-quality materials and advanced technology to create copies that are just as accurate and effective as the original devices.

4. Speed: Getting a new aligner or retainer from your doctor can take several weeks or even months. But at Forever Aligned Club, we can create a copy of your existing device in just a few days. This can be a great option if you need a replacement device quickly, or if you don’t want to wait for a new device to be made.

Customer Testimonials


Only send us the existing retainer or Aligner you want us to copy. Then we can begin making you Unlimited Forever Retainers mailed directly to you (or you can drive to Georgia to pick them up….)

The retainers are made in the USA and straight from our private, Orthodontist Owned and operated Forever Lab located in Augusta, Ga (we are known for a lot more than just golf)

Once your item is scanned and copied, you’ll be notified that you can order online and on demand, straight from our Orthodontists Lab.

OrthoVibe is the worlds only Certified Vibrating Chewie that attaches to any mobile device that vibrates. It’s also endorsed by the American Aligner Society as the #1 Rated Orthodontic Retention Device. It’s also created in our Forever Labs.

  • Unlimited replacement retainers/aligners, at our discounted membership price.
  • Unlimited Orthodontic Aftercare Products, at our discounted membership price.
  • High quality products. Easy online ordering.
  • Fast delivery, direct to your doorstep.

Competitive pricing

Absolutely! We know you’re going to love our product so much, we offer online credits for future purchases. Refer all your friends and there’s a good chance your retainers will be free – FOREVER (well, sort of, if you have lots of friends!)

Ask your dentist or orthodontist to give you a model of your teeth. If they need us to request a model or set of models, our Orthodontist will include the request inside the Forever Aligned Club Box. If your dentist or orthodontist requires you to pay for these, that’s up to you to pay for them. The usual fee for a single dental model ranges from $25-50 each ($50-100 if you want Forever Retainers for both upper and lower teeth).

You can wear our Forever Retainer over top of most any glued in retainers. This will add some piece of mind that even if the glued in retainer breaks loose (hint: it will), your teeth will stay straight FOREVER. If you prefer to have your glued in retainer removed (they are pretty nasty food catchers), ask your dentist or hygienist to remove it and send us a model of your teeth! We want to keep your oral hygiene a PRIORITY!!

The usual fee for a single dental model ranges from $25-50 each ($50-100 if you want Forever Retainers for both upper and lower teeth). You’ll need to settle this fee with your dentist or orthodontist before you send us the model. If it’s not acceptable by our Forever Aligned Club Team, we will need to have your dentist or orthodontist remake the models. So ask them for HIGH QUALITY models free of irregularities or bubbles. We DO NOT ACCEPT IMPRESSIONS. Only hard dental models. Make sure you make that clear to them before you buy them. We don’t want you having to pay for remakes.

Usually within 3-7 working days (we can’t control the delivery companies). We will notify you by email that it’s on it’s way.

Retainer Insurance DOES NOT EXIST. So this is the next best thing!

Doubtful. But you can try. If it doesn’t fit, you’ll have to go through the same steps and pay your dentist or orthodontist for a new model. Your membership includes free additional scanning of the new dental models. But you’ll have to purchase new retainers that fit (this is when it would be a good idea to have referred some friends through our loyalty program – it could end up costing you nothing for additional retainers!)

Our Forever Aligners are sold in sets of 5-10 and are only good for minor retreatment if your teeth have shifted. You’ll just need to go through the exact same steps as above, and we will send you a Forever Aligned Club Box with a request for new dental models. Forever Aligners are perfect for that little gap or slight rotation that have come up after you finish Orthodontics (Remember: SHIFT HAPPENS!)

You simply need call and set up an appointment with your dentist, orthodontist, or any dentist in your area willing to produce good dental models. The enclosed request form from our Orthodontist will make it official. Any dentist is trained to produce good lab dental models.

Buy a Forever Aligned Club Membership! We will send you a Forever Aligned Club Box with an instruction sheet and request for final dental models (your retainers will match this model). Take it to any local dentist or orthodontist willing and capable of producing dental models for you.

It doesn’t matter how amazing their Plastic is – once it’s lost, broken, chewed through, or eaten by your dog …. it won’t matter then. Our Forever Retainers are the only affordable retainer system in the world endorsed by the American Aligner Society.

Once your braces are removed, most dentists or orthodontists provide you ONE retainer in your fee. After that, they get VERY EXPENSIVE (which is why we are your solution). Because gums can swell from poor oral hygiene during Orthodontic treatment, we recommend waiting 6-8 weeks before you request our product. If your orthodontist won’t provide you with a good dental model of your teeth, we will request you transfer your retention into our Orthodontists care. You can also ask your dentist to provide the models (they may be more willing).

Wait until you get everything fixed. We believe your dentist needs to see you prior to asking them for final models of your teeth. Since we are also dental professionals, we know how important it is to keep your teeth in top shape. Visit your dentist first.

We do! For a single set of Aligners, we require the full $249 (plus your FAC Membership first). If it’s determined you’ll need 10 Aligners, we will finance the additional $249 over time at $93 per month for three additional months. We do not accept insurance (and just FYI – insurance companies are starting to decline treatment with major Clear Aligner systems).