We know, it was a big blow when Invisalign dropped your piggy bank and broke it.
But there's a new sheriff in town that will have your scanner oinking for more!
How your scanner can make you money...again
Forever Retainer is a direct to consumer membership club to replace lost retainers at an affordable price. Patients pay a one time membership fee valid for 5 years to join the club, any time mom runs over the retainer with her car, or the dog uses it as a chew toy, patients simply log in and request a new replacement retainer for the low price of $39.00 as many times as they need.
After our patients request their replacement retainers we will provide them with their closest Forever Retainer Scanner Provider....that's YOU
For every scan you complete we pay you $50.00
We do all the work.. so just sit back and the phone will ring
Did you know that over 4 Million people are in orthodontic treatment and approximately 87% lose their retainer within the first year after treatment....
thats big business!
3 Easy Steps
Goodbye coat hanger....and hello to your new best friend
Become a provider
Simply click on the "NOW I AM READY" button below to join our provider team. You will be provided with a "Get certified" link to complete your registration and complete our free Forever Retainer Scanner Certification. After completion your full contact details will be listed on our provider website.
Patient makes appointment
Our marketing team has implemented a full direct to patient campaign to target those patients looking for affordable replacement retainers. So just sit back and the phone will ring.
Complete your scan
Once the scan is complete, simply log-in to our doctor portal and upload your scan. For every scan Forever Retainer is happy to pay you $50.00
Note: The production of the retainer and the shipping of the product is all done by our in-house Forever Retainer team.
dr carter
Patients calling for a scan appointment....
that's just the beginning!
Dr. David Carter - Orthodontist fights back
" I was one of the top providers of Invisalign for over 10 years, and when they made my Trios scanner a very expensive coat hanger, I knew it was time to find a new revenue stream that made my scanner my new best friend...again. This was a no-brainer for me and its paid off in a big way"
Steady flow of patients
Research indicates that out of the 87% who lose their retainers 37% wait too long to replace them. As orthodontists this is
what's known as the perfect storm and Forever Retainer has them sitting in your chair.
Fast easy appointments that
pay you to scan.
Create a steady flow of potential relapsed patients.
Forever Retainer does all the work.