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Dear Potential Provider,
Your passion has always been to provide the highest quality dental care. Let us help you add an innovative new dimension to your practice. Forever Aligned Club will drive new patients to your door at no cost to you. Become a provider and let us do the work!

Technology is rapidly advancing the dental and orthodontic industry. Saving time and money has made Amazon the biggest online platform in the world. Why not let Forever Aligned Club be your partner in providing expanded services in a similar fashion? We have launched an online dental membership that will make your life easier while saving you and your patients time and money. Our online platform allows you the ability to offer direct-to-consumer products to all of your patients.

What is FAC?
FAC (Forever Aligned Club) is an orthodontic membership (1 year at $29 or 3 years at $99) that provides your patients with an affordable way to straighten their teeth and keep them straight forever. Their FAC membership will give them full access to order, braces, clear aligners, retainers, bleaching gel, custom bleaching trays, mouth guards, and snoring devices as many times as needed – all at a discounted price.

How does it benefit your practice?
Once your patients sign up to be a member, dental scans or impressions are taken of their teeth and stored in our database for 1 or 3 years. For every scan, impression, or set of dental models that you submit, our patent-pending platform pays you. You can choose your own in-office lab, or one of our Forever Aligned Club Preferred Labs to ship directly to your patients on your behalf.

While you focus on dental excellence, let us focus on providing your practice with an exciting new profit center.

Interested in Passive Income Opportunities?

Earn a Solid 20% on Every Sale Through Your Provider Account

Potential accumulative earnings based on average product sales:

potential earnings

This chart shows an example of potential earnings from only a few of the products offered by Forever Aligned Club. By offering our members discounts on many other products, we give Our Providers the opportunity to double their earnings.

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