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How does our club work? It’s simple.

How it works for customer

Patients pay a one-time membership fee of $99, valid for 5 years.

Once they become a Member, your patient can simply log in to their account and purchase replacement retainers for as low as $24.75 – as many times as they need to keep their teeth straight.

We also include the patent pending OrthoVibe vibrating chewie in their Membership. Vibration has been shown to consistently vibrate teeth back into place when worn with a clear retainer.

We provide your patients with a 5 pack of aligners for only $249/arch – and there is NO LAB BILL for you. Using our platform, your patients will notify you every time they need a new scan and set of Aligners. You get paid and our preferred labs get paid.


How it works for you

For every scan, impression, or set of dental models you submit, your patient uses our patent pending platform to pay you. And just like an Amazon retailer, every time they order online, you get paid. Forever Aligned Club Labs will ship direct to your patients on your behalf.

Let us help you put patients in your chair and show you how to make additional passive income off your current patients.

If you don’t have a scanner, we can help you with that too. Our Providers get deep discounts on scanners. And we can use your own Provider account to make the scanner payments for you.

Provider’s Potential Earnings

Membership Sale

$50 for every 3D Scan, set of impressions, or set of models
Earning example
20 membership a month = $1,000

That’s $8,400 quarterly

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