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The Forever Bright Tooth Whitening Kit is the world’s only Patent-Pending system that introduces micro-vibration to constantly recycle tooth whitening gel into locations traditional whitening systems simply cannot reach. The unique design of the Forever Bright whitening trays works with the Micro-Agitation created by the Included OrthoVibe agitator. OrthoVibe is the worlds leading authority on Micro-Agitation. It’s currently used all over the world to decrease tooth soreness from Orthodontic treatment, improve tooth movement during Clear Aligner treatment, and has been highly successful used in conjunction with Clear Retainers to keep teeth straight FOREVER. Forever Aligned Club is honored to be the only distributor of OrthoVibe used in the tooth whitening industry. Vibration from OrthoVibe not only Recycles the gel, but it also helps spread the gel evenly into hard to reach places that fake tooth whitening lights simply don’t do. If you can’t feel the whitening power at work, then it’s probably not very effective!

Included in your $99 Forever Bright Tooth Whitening Kit is everything you’ll need to get your teeth whiter than any whitening system in the world.
You’ll receive your 3D Scan of your teeth, your first Forever Bright Tooth Whitening Tray, your trial syringe of Forever Bright (Prescription-strength) tooth whitening gel (offered ONLY through dental offices), and your OrthoVibe Micro-Agitating unit.

Simply connect OrthoVibe directly to your mobile phone, bite down on the OrthoVibe unit with your tray and gel in your mouth, and using any vibrating app (OrthoVibe’s app is located HERE), begin using the Forever Bright Tooth Whitening process You’ll FEEL the system working and begin noticing up to 90% better tooth whitening than using any handheld tooth whitening light. And remember this – our products are Doctor Approved and Doctor Directed! You can only receive our products through our network of licensed dentists across the United States. You can’t do that anywhere else than through Forever Aligned Club.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your Forever Bright Tooth Whitening Kit TODAY!

Only available through Doctors Prescription