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No way Jose, not happening … is your retainer too tight?
If your retainer no longer fits or it was lost more than six months ago your teeth have probably shifted.
Don’t stress, we have an affordable solution!
Try our Relapse Aligners system to get you back on track
Five clear aligners to gently move teeth back to their perfect position
Affordable, fast, take-that-tight-feeling-away treatment!
Answer a few quick questions. Let’s see if you’re a good candidate.
How It Works
Join our family
Simply click the button below to register for your 5-year membership
Visit our scan center
After you complete your order, one of our staff members will contact you to schedule your 3D scan.
Receive your Relapse Aligners
Within 2 weeks you will receive your first Relapse Aligner, with the remaining Relapse Aligners arriving every two weeks until you have completed your relapse treatment .
This is ridiculously easy