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We've all heard the story "Fluffy chewed my retainer" or "My mom drove over my retainer"
Now there's a brand new way for you to help your patient and make some extra cash!
How it works
Forever Retainer is a direct to consumer membership club to replace lost retainers at an affordable price
for your patients. Patients pay a one time membership fee valid for 5 years to join the club, any time mom runs over
the retainer with her car, or the dog uses it as a chew toy, patients simply log in and request a new replacement retainer
for the low price of $49.00 as many times as they need.
For every lost retainer referral who sign up we pay you $10.00
Did you know that over 4 Million people are in orthodontic treatment and approximately 87% lose their retainer within the first year after treatment....
That's big business!
3 Easy Steps
You register for our referral program
Simply click on the "NOW I AM READY" button below to register for our Forever Retainers Referral program.

Once registered you will receive an email with your personal code to share with friends, family and patients.

There is no cost to register

Patient registers with your personal code
Your patient, family or friend uses your personal code when they register to join our Forever Retainer Club, and you receive $10.00 into your Forever Retainers account.

You will receive an email letting you know that your account is growing. The more your refer the more it grows.

Collect your money
At the end of every month we transfer your earnings to you directly via paypal.

Now all you need to do is decide...the Caribbean or Europe or a fun day at Sephora!

What ever you decide...enjoy!

dr carter
This feels good...
Dr. David Carter - Orthodontist fights back
" It tore me up when I saw the look on my patients face when I told them how much it would cost to replace their retainer, but my hands were tied into the cost it takes to have them in my chair. The idea of a membership club solved the problem.... patients as a large group meant we could lower the pricing of retainers drastically. I feel so good about that "